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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Baby with little to no hair (oh how I understand!)? Toddler who just won't wear a plain clip/bow? Just want to add a little extra something or do a different style? Want to "doll-up" (haha - I've been accused of this) your little princess in a headband that's SOFT and COMFORTABLE?

TRY A BOW BAND! 1.5" Headband will be PERFECT for any of those needs...just attache your FAVORITE BOW and you've got an instant new look - or a way for your little bald baby girl to finally wear a bow! Available in black and white at this time.

$3 if purchase with ONE bow, $2 if purchased with 2-5 bows or FREE with the purchase of 5 or more bows!

Also available: nylon newborn/infant "baby bow bands" - completely interchangeable and SUPER soft for a new baby!

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