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Monday, February 1, 2010

Some weekend crafting...

Hi...been a while, I know. I had some time to make a few things...only 2 of which I have photos for. I worked a little on a teacher gift for Valentine's Day...or...someone and did some hand cutting this weekend. I'll post those pics later. I did create this GREAT little butterfly montage, perfect for someone having a little girl!! Too bad ALL my friends just had BOYS!!!

Then, that Valentine Decoration...its only about 5" tall, maybe 6. What else should I do with a gazillion yards of ribbon that I own? haha. Teacher gift was the plan...we'll see. Its pretty dang cute hanging in my kitchen.

I'm sure I'll have the camera out tomorrow afternoon...hopefully I can finish the shirts. My kids and I will be creating those over the next few days. Until then....

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